About Us

We’ve been helping property people for three decades

Founded in 1981, the business now known as Buckmaster Hawkey (Victoria) began as an offshoot of the Newton Business Consultancy, which specialised in advising real estate agencies and property firms. We were the first recruitment consultancy in Australia to specialise in the employment needs of the real estate and property industries.

30 years later, we’re widely recognised as the leader in recruitment and consulting advice for the property and real estate sector. Right from the start, our success has been based on the same core set of beliefs we started our journey with.

We believe that our methodical, consultative approach delivers the outcomes employers need in a tight job market. We believe that candidates appreciate our honest consultative approach to finding them the best job we can.

It’s our genuine approach which has made us No.1 – and will help us remain the industry’s leader.

Our approach

The Buckmaster Hawkey approach can be summed up in one word – genuine. We believe that our business will prosper if we keep our commitment to our clients and to our candidates – and always act on their behalf.

It’s this commitment to genuinely help everyone who comes through our door which has underpinned our success for all these years. We value our relationships, work hard to help our clients drive their business and do everything we can to help our candidates further their careers.

It may seem like a simple approach but to get it right each and every time takes dedication and a lot of hard work. But we’ll continue to approach our business this way because it works for our clients, for our candidates and for us.

We believe in the power of teamwork and that each team member plays a part in delivering a successful outcome to our clients and candidates.

Our consultants and the majority of our support staff not only have recruitment experience but a background in property as well.  We understand the property and real estate industry and speak your language.


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